Today’s Class: Private Lesson – Full Japanese Culture Course

Picture of Final Calligraphy & Moss Ball By American Student

Today’s student was Laura from the United States.

She took a quick break from her tour of Tokyo Staples (hectic areas like Shibuya scramble, Harajuku, Ginza) and enjoyed the full Japanese culture course.

She chose the sign 「海」”umi” or “kai” which means the ocean.

It is a simple yet beautiful sign with the radical for water on the left, and the radical for mother on the right.

Some of my favorite characters to draw are also signs of nature, like 「風」 “kaze” wind and 「火」”hi” or “ka” which means fire.

It was a pleasure to have you take a class with us here at Tokyo calligraphy class, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did Laura!

If you are interested in taking a private class in one of our courses, you can read more about all our courses and classes here.

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