Our Calligraphy School in Tokyo

Our quiet little calligraphy school is located in one of the least touristy (almost rural) areas of Tokyo called Arakawa-ku.

Kaneko started renting what used to be a small book supply store, almost fitting, and decided to turn it into her dream project, a class where she could pass on her craft of Japanese Calligraphy.

We are currently mostly a 1.3 person operation (Kaneko is the face of the business, as well as your teacher for obvious reasons), then there’s the on-off webmaster(me) and the interpreter/photographer(Rikiya) who some of you might be familiar with if you have taken our class.

There is only room for 8 people, and most classes are between 3-6, leaving you with a lot of personal time with Kaneko, your calligraphy sensei, where she can teach you the basics one on one, as well as adjust the teachings based on skill level.

This means it becomes a much more private experience than some of the bigger, more commercial schools around Tokyo.
As an award-winning Calligrapher, Kaneko doesn’t just want to teach you how to write a character by example, she wants to help each and every one of you embark on cultural journey, and hope you take a little piece of Shodo home with you.

If you’d prefer a 100% private class with Kaneko, you can also inquire about private classes outside of our regular class/experience hours.

One thing to note is that Kaneko is not the one who is writing this, her English level is far from fluent, but her ability to teach calligraphy to her students despite the language barrier, leaves most students too enthralled with their strokes, characters and technique, to even notice.

(If you are a family or a group, and you really want in-depth instruction as well as back story in English, you can send us an inquiry about arranging a class with the interpreter present at least 2 weeks before the class.)

If you want to book a lesson, you should check our schedule/availability here.

(I’m going to be adding a few more pictures of our location soon.)