Japanese Calligraphy Classroom Offering Lessons in Arakawa-ku, Near Asakusa/Nippori

Tokyo Calligraphy Class Teaches You The Art Of Japanese Calligraphy(Shodo書道)!

Tokyo Calligraphy Class offers unforgettable Japanese Calligraphy lessons in Arakawa-ku, Tokyo Japan.

Study under accomplished Shodo Master, Kaneko Youshun(金子瑶春).

She is one of the few qualified Shodo-ka to actually offer classes to foreign tourists visiting Tokyo.

Our school is located in Arakawa-ku, near Akado-shougakkou station.

We are near central Tokyo tourist areas,  only about 10 minutes by train from Nippori station, the first stop with the Narita Skyliner. It is only about 15 minutes by train from Ueno, 20 minutes from Akihabara, which makes it a convenient stop for tourists in the area.

1-hour Japanese Calligraphy(Shodo) Class for Beginners (1-6 people)

The perfect start on your path to mastering Japanese Calligraphy!

A 1-hour class(can be extended upon previous request) taught by one of the the foremost Japanese calligraphy experts in Tokyo.

In the beginning of the class, you will be served Japanese green tea, and some small traditional sweets while you get to know your teacher, and the history of Shodo.

Then she will walk you through the absolute basics, starting from the grinding of the ink, how to hold the brush/pen, how to apply pressure, etc, before you start to try to draw some very basic characters.

You can practice as much as you want before you draw on the souvenir canvas.  If there is time left-over, you will also learn how to carve a traditional  Japanese seal stamp, that you can bring back home as a souvenir.


  • Japanese Green Tea
  • Unlimited Ink
  • Unlimited practice papers
  • Souvenir Seal Stamp
  • Souvenir Character on Professional Canvas
  • Training By Masterful Shodo-ka

Price 3000 yen / person for 2-3 people, 2000 yen / person for 4-6.

Full Japanese Culture Experience: 2 hours 

  • Japanese Tea Ceremony (Sado)
  • Japanese Calligraphy (Shodo)
  • Kokedama Moss Arrangement

Experience a range of elements from traditional Japanese culture at Tokyo Calligraphy Class.

First, you will start with calligraphy. Your Sensei will teach you everything from scratch. From how to hold the calligraphy brush, how to make ink to how much pressure to put on the brush for each stroke.

Then, we move on to traditional “Kokedama” or Japanese moss arrangement. The teacher will teach you how to use Moss and other plants to create a living, breathing, work of art.

Finally, there`s the Japanese Tea Ceremony. You will learn how to calm down and become one with the tea, as you prepare it in the traditional Japanese way.

Special offer for October 2019: 5000 yen per person.

Read more about our full Japanese culture experience.

Check out our video showing Till, an extremely nice German guy doing our full Japanese culture experience.

Arranged Course (Choose Your Own Subjects)

2 Experiences Of Your Choice From Any Of Our Course Options At our calligraphy class in Tokyo.

You can choose from:

  • Japanese Tea Ceremony (Sado)
  • Japanese Calligraphy (Shodo)
  • Kokedama Moss Arrangement

2000 yen per experience per person.

Your Japanese Calligraphy/Culture Sensei Kaneko Youshun

Photo Of Our Tokyo Calligraphy Class Sensei - Kaneko YoushunKaneko Youshun(金子瑶春) is not just some random Japanese lady who needed extra money so she decided to start a tourist business, she is a Japanese calligraphy master.

She has studied, and mastered, the art of Japanese calligraphy since she was in her teens. Not only did she study, and learn her art, she has competed in several competitions, and her calligraphy has won through.

Since then, her love for Japanese calligraphy inspired her to get involved in other Japanese traditions, and started to study Sado(Japanese tea ceremony) and Kokedama, as well.

Now because she wants to share her love for the Japanese traditional arts, she fulfilled her dream of starting her very own calligraphy and Japanese culture school in Tokyo.

She deeply cares for and wants to help each and every student.

You can check out videos and pictures of her using her impressive Japanese calligraphy skills to turn various Kanji into art here.

We are Located In A Cozy Shoutengai In Suburban Tokyo

Sometimes it can be hard to relax in this huge metropolis.

Want to get away from the hustle and bustle, crowds, and noise of downtown Tokyo areas like Shibuya and Shinjuku?

A day with us will be just what you need.

We are located in Arakawa-ku, a quiet suburban area that is mostly populated by families with young children. Our calligraphy school is right towards the end of a traditional Japanese shoutengai called “Ogu-Ginza”. A shoutengai is a traditional Japanese market street with a lot of small shops of every kind. (Ginza is very often used in part of the name, and is unrelated to the famous shopping area.)

After enjoying a calligraphy lesson, you can stop by a few of the mom-and-pop shops. We can also recommend small Japanese restaurants that rarely ever have tourists, and serve true to traditional dishes. You can find anything from Yakitori, Tonkatsu, to Teishoku and many other Japanese staples.

There are also a number of parks in our surrounding area. From small neighborhood parks, to Oguhara and Ryokuchi park near the river.

Not only will you learn Japanese calligraphy, but you can also enjoy a relaxing day from start to finish.

Kanji Written By Previous Students

All of these pictures were taken of the Japanese characters written by first-time students. They had never tried Japanese calligraphy before:

Japanese Characters Written By Tokyo Calligraphy Students

If you want to learn to do the same, feel free to contact us or book a class.



To book a calligraphy class or full/custom Japanese culture experience, send us an email, call us, or simply fill out the booking form below!